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The first grave was perhaps dug into the ground. Perhaps, too, there was a temple built on the site or over the entrance, perhaps not (anyway not shown here) ....

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Then the second grave was built on a mound on the same site. At first, it was a temple; then, when the new king had died, his body was embalmed and lain inside in a golden coffin for the people to file past, as preparations were being made to bury him inside his chamber under a huge pile of rock, with access remaining, until the second temple was standing on the top. The former temple had now become a sealed tomb ... we know of that one too.
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The stairs to the second temple were steeper now, as were the sides of the pyramid. When the body of the second god-king or pharaoh was again laid inside the coffin at the top, again embalmed for the people to file past - as was done with Lenin's body and those of other "great leaders of the people" - an even bigger mountain of rock was piled upon what now was his personal burial chamber ... this is the great chamber in the center of the pyramid.
. This would imply a great amount of rock piled up just to cover a coffin. Very possible, yes; but could it not be worth a thought that just maybe this new mountain of stone was crowned by a temple as well, that too had a now very steep stairway leading up to it, and into which finally was lain the body of the last of the ruling dynasty, before the entire structure received a final top, cover and coating of fine stone? ... Then this tomb would still be there to be found. .

Of course this is pure and absolute speculation - of the kind that would solve quite a few mysteries and riddles surrounding the building of the pyramids.

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